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The Friday Happy Hour Sauna

Friday afternoon is a time we all collectively exhale.

Those of us worker bees can finally close down our laptops and enjoy a little “me time.”

“Me time” takes on different meanings for everybody.

For a bunch of years now in a Minneapolis, Minnesota backyard, a devoted rotating cast of characters have been getting together on Friday afternoons to enjoy a happy hour sauna.


  • Show up in their work garb, carrying a little gym bag.
  • Pour a beer in their nICE mug before starting round one.
  • Radiate a huge grin after a hot sauna round and an ice cold water dunk.
  • Avoid looking at their smart phones for as long as possible.
  • Enjoy a fully relaxed sauna session, then
  • Finally look at the time and smile “I think I can get one more round in.”

If there is a better way to kick off the weekend than a 3 round happy hour sauna, please advise.

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