Twin Cities Sauna Club Three Beer Sauna

Most people know that mixing alcohol intoxication with sauna can be deadly, especially if you add in heart problems.  

On the other hand, combining beer with sauna or vodka with the banya or shvitz seems to be a common cultural practice for traditional Finns and Russians. 

Is there a temperate way to combine alcohol with sauna?

The Twin Cities Sauna Club offers the following procedure:

1. Beer in cans is best. There is no threat of broken glass. The beer can be kept cold by insulating the can using a beer coolie.

2. Place beers in the freezer for about 15 minutes, meanwhile go into the sauna for the first round. After the first round drink only water.

3. Insert super-cold beer into beer coolie. Bring one beer into the sauna during rounds #2 and #3. Drink water between rounds. The last beer is for the recuperation period after the sauna session.

Please post your thoughts.

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