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Wheeling around the mobile sauna

For a great 3D blueprint of an awesome mobile sauna or backyard stationary sauna design, click here.

The intention is to get folks to try out a real sauna at some special events.  Plus the Mobile Authentic Finnish Sauna will be available for folks to try out in their own backyards (before committing to build a sauna or buy one for themselves).  Theory is, once friends and family get to experience an authentic Finnish sauna, they’ll be hooked!  And rightfully so, health and wellness, green, and escape with ‘staycation‘.  Mobile Authentic Finnish Sauna: cabin life right in your own backyard.

Here is a list of Minnesota special events where I’ve wheeled over my mobile sauna:

Let’s get a mobile sauna in your town!  I’ll help you wheel it around.  For a worldly view of mobile saunas, check out this site!!  saunasessions.ca has a wonderful posting of well organized photos and information on the craziest collection of mobile saunas… enjoy!  (one of my favorites is the firetruck sauna).

Maybe we can get over to Finland to check out the Mobile Sauna Festival.

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  1. The Loppet festival was a blast! What a trip sitting in the sauna IN the parking lot of Old Chicago! Crazy! Can’t wait for the next event…

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