Finnish Sauna in Turku archipelago. Sauna Finlandesa.


Wonderful three minute visual escape to experience the Finnish Archipelago outside Turku.

EDITORS NOTE:  Drinking plenty of water, absolutamente. Eating even snacks is best reserved for after sauna vs. before sauna.  We’ll chalk this off to Ruben Alonso being famished from hauling around his 4 liter water bottle.

The body exerts quite a bit of energy digesting food. Entering sauna after eating anything more than a light snack is not suggested. Give it a good hour or so, at least.

1 thought on “Finnish Sauna in Turku archipelago. Sauna Finlandesa.”

  1. Haha, this sauna trip was so funny. 70 degrees is indeed still very mild for Finns but respect for the Spanish man for trying it out. The archipielago of Turku is truly a wonder of beauty in Finland!

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