Founder of 612 sauna society announces “Spring sauna: my favorite sauna season”

Spring sauna, is JP’s favorite sauna season.

Relaxation lasts a lot longer vs. winter adrenaline high.

Spring saunas allow for more gradual cool downs, allowing the body to chill via internal thermoregulatory processes.


And there’s summer sauna.

And there’s bad weather sauna.

And there’s fall sauna, like the return of an old friend.

And there’s pending winter sauna,

Whatever the season, sauna welcomes us.



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3 thoughts on “Founder of 612 sauna society announces “Spring sauna: my favorite sauna season””

  1. How about tick season? Working around our non lake cabin, we get dirty, bug bites, etc. I sure feel good after a summer sauna then a whiskey relaxing by the fire.

  2. Absolutely Owen. If there’s a better way to get rid of Mosquito bites, please send link. Here is my link. Just as Bob Dylan recognizes that we don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, I submit that don’t have to be a skin specialist to know that sauna secretes all the bad stuff, so celebrate! BONUS: After hike in woods, we always nude up in sauna and check for ticks. EXTRA pleasure in tossing any ticks on sauna stove while rejoicing in a tick and mosquito free body.

  3. Summer saunas are the best, can go for a swim in between rounds, the sauna heats up quicker and it is just a more relaxing atmosphere in the summer months. Also a hazy hot humid day feels cooler after +200° sauna.

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