Free sauna information today for a better tomorrow

Everybody wants free sauna information, from the native tribes of New Guinea, to the overworked stockbrokers in Manhattan.  Free sauna information is what the world is secretly looking for.  This site, as we evolve, will have free sauna information on such things as:

  1. Health benefits of saunas
  2. Build your own sauna
  3. Sauna party
  4. Sauna photos

Beyond the standard categories of free sauna information, I have some great sauna culture to consider.  For example, here’s a link to free sauna information on writing in a sauna. After you digest that free sauna information, why not check out reading in a sauna, and some thoughts on that?  When you have that covered, more great sauna culture to read involves some subtle nuances surrounding lighting in a sauna.

This post is part of this whole nutty website which is full of free sauna information today, for a better tomorrow.

Why not ask me about what kind of free sauna information you are looking for?  I’m very good about tackling topics without trying to sell you product.  Isn’t that the best kind of free sauna information?

Signed, your host who is typing free sauna information way too many times in this post.

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  1. OK better. But as your doctor i suggest taking only one aspirin for a headache, not the whole bottle.

    It’s a wee bit spammy, but not harm done. Just try to be a little more discreet.

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