Music in the sauna: try the sauna shuffle.

Jeff Tweedy, Wilco, during Bayfront Park show, Duluth Minnesota, Summer 2012. I'd think Jeff would surely enjoy a nice relaxing sauna session after his performances.



Whilst enjoying sauna, many enjoy solitude.

Perhaps interrupted by intermittent soft conversation, often times just one or two words.  Once, in Scandinavia, I went an entire sauna round, the only word spoken was “ya” in response to another pointing at the sauna rocks with the water ladle.

For many of Italian descent, this can be maddening.

Music, however, seems to be striking positive vibrations in sauna.  Especially the Friday Happy Hour sauna.  A good practice may be to encourage sauna guests to submit an album of their choice to be part of a sauna party playlist.  Thanks to Rhapsody, Spotify, and the ease of music streaming services, a few albums can be added to a sauna playlist, then shuffled, creating an eclectic, collaborative, fresh musical experience.

Music and sauna has been discussed here, here, and here.

The sauna shuffle just keeps on…. shuffling.

What sauna tunes can you recommend?

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9 thoughts on “Music in the sauna: try the sauna shuffle.”

  1. There’s something melodically wonderful with Fela Kuti. The Fela Original from Fela! On Broadway is a great place to start.

  2. Downtempo tracks work better than slamming grooves from Oasis, Boss, Who or Zeppelin. Although a nice playlist can be constructed from the quieter tracks from said groups.
    Thank You.
    [For instance].

  3. I like music a lot and spend most of my day both at home and work listening to something. But music in the sauna is an exception that I have only encountered outside Finland. Even at my dad’s farm where we revived a 200 year old sauna, I installed outside speakers to enjoy music outside and just hanging out by the sauna, which happens a lot during summer time, not just for sauna times. But one place that seems to be sacred and where I have never heard music or seen speakers, is the sauna room itself.

    I would not say that being in the sauna – even with the introverted Finns – one needs to be quiet. In fact, in my experience people are pretty chatty in the sauna. But it’s also totally fine to not say anything, that’s the Finnish kind of solitude.

    My vote is no music in the sauna. At least try it for a few times, you’ll get better kicks out of it. I think there’s something analogous to meditation, you’ll want to just relax and take every breath of air with gratitude and let time stop for a moment.

  4. Lefty.

    I noticed a 230 am posting. Now that had to be after round 12 of 16 for the four day weekend sauna bonanza.


  5. I’m a dead head so I love to listen to crispy sound board of a classic show. Its nice to listen to the band weave the magic of their song as I enjoy my sauna.

  6. Our sauna soundtrack last night was a mix of Mumford and Sons, James Taylor, Springsteen, Counting Crows and others played through the built in speakers on my iphone. It was a three rounder, but my son did mention “Hey, dad’s friend Glenn says four is the new three!”

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