Outdoor faucet protector extends the outdoor shower sauna season

in an age of global warming and el nino, we are feeling less and less of intense sub zero bone chilling days and nights.  We remember the hard freeze, where we’d safely stow all our backyard gear for the long cold dark winter.  Last few winters, however, we get a few snaps of cold nights – good outdoor nICE mug making weather – then a warm up, above freezing in the day.  We are tempted to resurrect our outdoor showers in these above freezing stretches.

And as we hover around the freezing mark, here’s a ridiculously inexpensive product to help keep your outdoor showers ready to go.

Foam faucet cover
Foam faucet cover

The foam faucet cover has a little clip that hangs on your faucet and a draw tight strap that pulls the faucet protector against the outside of your house.  This easy on and off attachment means your faucet stays relatively warm, drawing the warmth from the pipes inside your basement, and keeps the cold outside air out.




Now the real bomb is to use an outdoor faucet protecter in conjunction with the frost free faucet.  Now you can get outdoor water all winter long.

frost free faucet

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1 thought on “Outdoor faucet protector extends the outdoor shower sauna season”

  1. I cut a 55-gallon plastic barrel in half and sunk it under the shower floor. plumbed the two bungs to drain to grey water, but leave about six inches of water in the bottom for some aquatic plants to grow around the shower. the barrel halves are filled with 3/8″ to 1″ round rock a couple inches above their tops so the plastic is invisible, and the floor proper is made out of salvaged redwood from a sauna across the street treated with a few coats of tung oil for extra rot resistance (woodworkers reading this: sorry if I’ve committed an offense there). some of the shower water is going to splash beyond where the barrels can capture it, so I’ll plant some more moisture loving stuff there. I was thinking more along the lines of akebia and jasmine for vines and privacy and lovely smells, but wisteria sounds nice, too.

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