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Pending winter brings out the sauna enthusiast in you

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Just as fisherman start organizing their tackle boxes in early May or cross country ski enthusiasts can be seen polling their way on wheels around the bike paths in late fall, sauna enthusiasts start relishing the advent of the cold season with great enthusiasm.

Darkness starts to creep in and then crashes by daylight savings time.  “It’s 4:30 and it’s dark?  Yikes!”  Many stuck in traffic start scratching their dry heads, mumbling to themselves: “what the hell am I going to do with myself now?”

We sauna enthusiasts know what to do:

As fall settles into winter, sauna enthusiasts welcome the season and their saunas as the return of an old friend.

  • We exercise in the cold because we know the fresh air is good for us.  And we know the hot room temperature is rising nicely.
  • We have a closing ceremony for our outdoor shower, and welcome the 5 gallon water bucket with a layer of ice on the top.
  • We invite friends over for sauna that we haven’t seen in awhile.
  • We enjoy three full rounds, dumping cold water over our heads between each round.
  • We chill out outside and reflect how beautiful nature is.
  • We crack a beer and find ourselves chatting and laughing deeply with sauna talk.
  • We say goodbye to our friends, and return to the house after our 2-3 hour saunas sessions.
  • We enjoy our post sauna snacks as
  • We read, or watch a movie, or maybe catch the recorded hockey game, all while glowing and radiating on the couch.
  • We shovel ourselves into bed with just a sheet over us, maybe watching snow flakes falling outside our bedroom windows.
  • We sleep soundly.
  • We wake up completely reset and restored and think to ourselves:

“Damn, I love winter saunas!”

Nordik Spa-Nature 16, chemin Nordik Old Chelsea, Québec
A fairly common Minneapolis backyard sauna set up. – photo courtesy of Minneapolis Department of Housing and Urban Development,  Things Aren’t What They Appear Division.




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