The solo sauna revisited.

Untangling the wires with a solo sauna (and a notepad).
writing in the sauna with a little note pad

Whether an indoor sauna or outdoor sauna, backyard sauna or cabin sauna, one of the virtues of owning your own sauna is that you can take a solo sauna whenever you want.  A great time for a solo sauna is when one is feeling disconnected because of seemingly too many things going on or needing to get done.

Like approaching a box of tangled wires in your closet, it looks like a mess, but just needs a little focus time to organize.  Solo sauna time is a great time to mentally organize all the entangled loose ends.

This little 3×5 memo book, probably 59 cents at Walgreens, has been a wonderful addition to my sauna.  Prone to forgetting my own phone number, it is liberating to write down a few notes or ideas while sitting alone in my backyard sauna, free from distractions.  Then at the end of my solo sauna session, I tear off the sheet, and as long as I don’t lose the sheet, I can get after my notes in the morning.  We’ve talked about writing in the sauna before.

A solo sauna can be the best way to untangle the wires in your head.

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