Reading in a sauna

You’ve probably been in those health club public saunas were the day’s (or yesterday’s) newspaper is strewn about  all over the benches.  Mixed feelings or what?  half of you thinks, “cool, I can read as I sweat” other half of you thinks “how gross is this, the paper feels like some lard ass dripped sweat all over it.”  Good news:  when you have your own sauna you can:

  1. read what you want, when you want
  2. sweat where you want on what you want

but don’t get too freaked out, unlike steam showers where bacteria and grossness build, saunas produce dry heat and no living organism can coagulate and propagate.*  So grab that newspaper and read away, guilt free.

magazines:  the glue starts separating the pages.. stick to newspapers.  Better yet, see “writing in a sauna” post.

* I”m not a microbiologist, I can only attest to this from 25 years of taking saunas.  No animals or organisms have reproduced in my saunas.

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