Sauna and itchy and everything’s nice

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In a sauna, a good sauna, there’s a moment when the sauna bather, sitting on the hot room bench, all of a sudden may start itching all over.

It’s ok.

Sometimes the itching will start around the ankles.  Sometimes the itching will start on the back of the arms, or maybe even on the forehead.

It’s ok.

Gently itch.  Run your fingers along your skin like a rake.

It’s ok.

We know what’s happening.  The heat and sudden increased moisture from water being tossed on sauna rocks is helping to open our skin pores.  Breathing.  Releasing.  This is how the sauna bather gets clean.  No soap or laundry detergent or power washer needed.  Those in nature who may have just returned from a cross country ski trip, or who may have just finished chainsawing a couple trees for firewood know what it’s like to get really sweaty or dirty… and then get really clean from sauna.  The itching you get while in the sauna is a good thing.

It’s ok.

Everything’s nice.

5 thoughts on “Sauna and itchy and everything’s nice”

  1. what if i continuously keep getting the itch all over the body about 2 days after the sauna?

  2. Isaac: I don’t know. I’ve never had itching for 2 days after sauna. I sauna, then rinse or go jump in the lake, then sauna again, then rinse or go jump in the lake a second time, then sauna again, then final rinse or one final jump in the lake and my skin is super clean and no Walgreens products needed. That’s what I know, sorry I couldn’t help your situation.

  3. Hey Issac,

    I too have 2 days of all over itching which is new. I believe it’s the combination of open pores and other peoples toxins that are in the sauna which cause the itching.

  4. Ever taken homoeopathic medicine? There is a train of thought, that the itching is from the body getting rid of unused homeopathic salts in the steamy sauna.

  5. Wow, Glad I found you all! I went to steam room, came out 12 hrs later, itching all over for two days. I thought it might be the eucalyptus in the bath. it was horrible to trying to not itch, on 3rd day I took Benadryl!
    Please let me know!

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