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Sauna backrests: We all deserve this level of support and relaxation while on the sauna bench

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These backrests are the best. And you deserve this level of support.

sauna backrest

Sauna is about being comfortable.  Sauna is about chilling out, and relaxation.

These backrests work upright for sitting, or you can lay these backrests down for laying down.

These two sauna backrests work as great today as the day I made them a bunch of years ago.

a couple sauna backrests

Today, I just finished making a bunch of really nice brand new sauna backrests.  I would like you to have a pair.  I am offering a set of two (2) sauna backrests for you for $50.00 USD.  UPDATE: July 8, 2016: We are currently sold out of these!

These backrests are sturdy, ergonomic, and work great.  18″ wide, 16″ tall, 6″ deep at the base.

Hand made from soft Western Red Cedar, they cast a nice warm glow on your sauna benches, and a soft smell of nature.

Sauna backrests.  A great gift for:

  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Health and Wellness Day.

We all deserve awesome backrests while we sauna.

These backrests transport wonderfully on back of your bicycle or motorcycle.

sauna backrests on motorcycle
Clint, an avid sauna enthusiast, picking up a pair of freshly hand made Saunatimes sauna backrests while his sauna idles up to serving temperature in his garage back home.

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22 thoughts on “Sauna backrests: We all deserve this level of support and relaxation while on the sauna bench”

  1. Hi Glenn,
    Is this offer still on the table? Can you make me a pair of sauna backrests? I can pick them up when ready, or you could drop them off, if you’d like to check out our almost-ready sauna(!) Let me know if you’re still able to make these and I’ll paypal you the money.

    Greatly appreciated!

  2. Julie:

    I have a fresh pair made for you. I will email you. I’m sensing you’re 612 based, in which case, i’m happy to drop them off and check out your sauna.

  3. Hi Glenn,
    We found your instructions on your website on how to make your own backrests, so my hubby is going to attempt to do that with our leftover cedar. If that doesn’t work, I will contact you with our order. Thank you kindly and have a great day!

  4. Hi Glenn. Do you have an email address where I can send you a question? Your contact page doesnt seem to be working. Thanks!

  5. Are you based in Minnnesota? My husband is a woodworker and made your backrests for our sauna, which he also built 12 years ago. We can’t remember what we put on the cedar walls of the sauna. What would you recommend to put on the finished back rests?
    Love your web site!

  6. Hi Susan: Glad you enjoy I recommend putting nothing on the finished back rests. Natural cedar is just about the ideal surface to lean into/upon. It’s soft wood, relatively cool as it is more loose grained. It can get wet and dries very nICE.

  7. Are you still selling these? Have a barrel sauna and am looking for cedar backrests for it. Please let me know.


  8. Glenn are you still making these backrests? I’d love a pair. Landscape Love just built us a beautiful sauna in the backyard of our Saint Paul home.

  9. Hi Parry:

    Congrats on your new sauna! I’ll email you separately re backrests, connecting you with my friend and collaborative partner in crime, Darin.

  10. Hello Glenn. I’m looking for backrests too. Are they still available? My family just got a sauna and I want to surprise them.

  11. Hi Danelle:

    Yes, they are available but shipping costs make them too expensive to mfr. these days. Mebbe we’ll resurrect them, and thanks for your interest, but no go at this time. Thanks !

  12. Hi Julie…

    No, but I do love making them. Depending upon where you live, and the hassle to ship or not, I do know of a couple different people who could make a couple of these backrests for you..

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