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Sauna brings out our kids, and sauna brings out the kid in us.

Beyond sauna’s health and wellness benefits, having a sauna at our cabin, cottage, lake home, and or backyard does something else.

Kids love sauna.

  • Really young kids enjoy dumping water on their heads in the hot room.
  • Young kids’ sauna rounds are “shorter and more frequent”.
  • Teenage kids get their noses away from their screens and rediscover being a kid again.
  • Adults become kids: laughing and endorphin rushing on the sauna bench, then a big splash off the dock and “ahhh” as a gentle reminder of simpler times past.

Sauna is a great insurance policy when the weather gets bad.

Sauna brings the family together.

Sauna brings out our kids and brings out the kid in all of us.


photo: Brian Peterson
photo: Brian Peterson

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