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Contest – Show us how you cool down in the cold!

Most of us can feel it in our bones: sauna isn’t just about the hot room.  As we know, with sauna, the cool down is as important as the heat up.  And cooling down in Nature.  For many, sauna is just a set up for when magic happens as it’s all about the cool down.

Whatever it is, many of us have tapped into The Healing Power of Cold.

How do like to cool down between sauna rounds?  Do you use a cold plunge tank?  Do you do snow angels?  Do you cut a hole in the ice?  Or maybe just a simple dunk of cold water over your head with steam billowing?

We had such a good time with Contest – show us your custom sauna door handle!  that we’d like to continue the theme.

So, it’s brrrrr… cold right now in most parts of the Northern Hemisphere.  Send us a photo of how you like to cool down in the cold:  info@saunatimes.com.

Here’s a few photos to help us get us started!

Apres ski Avanto at Maplelag Resort
Healthy cold plunges between sauna rounds. (Collective ages of these 3 senior sauna enthusiasts: 167 years old)
Endorphin rush after cold plunge between sauna rounds
Endorphin rush after cold plunge between sauna rounds, Lake Vermilion MN 2016
Clint taking cold plunge to the max, South Minneapolis MN, Winter 2009

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