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Sauna de rigueur

sauna de rigueurA friend of 27 years, now living half way around the world, contacted me the other day informing me of an upcoming visit to my city, Minneapolis.

The email came in a tone more like pen and ink than from pecking away on a laptop.

I was especially taken by his last sentence:

“Also want to hear all about nICE mug, events of the past year, and anything else that is interesting.  Sauna de rigueur​.”

Sauna de rigueur.  Just love the way that sounds.  So, I  looked it up:

De rigueur:  “Strictly required, as by etiquette, usage, or fashion.”

Do you have a friend who considers gathering socially in sauna “strictly required?”

If you do, they are probably a close friend.

Sauna De rigueur.

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