What about using a cell phone in a sauna?

Have you heard the urban legend about putting your cell phone in your microwave and calling it?  If it rings inside your microwave your microwave has a dangerous leak.  If it doesn’t ring, your microwave is properly sealed.  I submit the same theory:  If you can call your cell phone as it sits on your sauna bench, you haven’t sealed your hot room well enough with foil bubble wrap.

I am kidding.

But there may be some truth here, if nothing more than using a cell phone in a sauna should be dismissed out of principle, for etiquette and sanity sake.

Three guiding principle’s of sauna do not overlap with cell phone use:

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Escape
  3. Fun.

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2 thoughts on “What about using a cell phone in a sauna?”

  1. Glenn- You had me going there for a minute!

    On a side note, we are in Colorado now. Wishing we had an authentic sauna to relax in; It’s -7 f right now! Our waitress last night was a Finnish girl who loves saunas. Gave her your website.

  2. I go to large fitness clubs here in Los Angeles and people (usually younger) come in sauna all the time with cell phones & head phones. Other than the obvious, and them having music so loud I can hear it, I am concerned about outgassing from the device at such high temperatures. I tried to do some research online about this, but could not find much. I know that many of the components that make up a phone contain elements that have the potential for outgassing toxic chemicals. Anyone know more about this?

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