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4×4 Sauna. What is it and how can I do it?

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Guest post by loyal sauna enthusiast Tom:

A new concept in sauna took hold in Minnesota over the Easter Holiday, 4 consecutive days of sauna, with 4 rounds each day.  It’s been mentioned on this website previously, 4 is the new 3 when it comes to sauna rounds, but extending it to 4 consecutive days brought it to a new level.  One might imagine that by the 4th day the effects of sauna participation might be waning low, however, propped up with the help of a 4 X 4 caddie……the effects were properly neutralized.

4 x 4 was certainly an invigorating, motivating and spiritual sauna event unlike any that I’ve experienced before and I suggest you try it sometime!


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4 thoughts on “4×4 Sauna. What is it and how can I do it?”

  1. Generally, I enjoy sauna therapy three times a week, on average. i like to take a day off between sauna sessions. This is out of habit, I suppose, more than because of some therapeutic reason. Perhaps it is like exercise: many suggest allowing the body a day off for recuperation.

    Sauna, of course, is different than exercise in that the health and wellness benefits are not at the expense of wear and tear, like many exercises. There is no reason why folks need to hold back with sauna, or the use of a toy car to bring a round of cold beers. Three rules: 1. Drink plenty of water before and during the sauna session, 2. Allow plenty of time to fully cool down between sauna rounds, and 3. Listen to your body to not overstay your time in the hot room.

    The Twin City Sauna Club secretary has taken notes and plans to apply 4 x 4 sauna during its next up north retreat.

  2. Jdub: getting much closer (thanks to you). We are testing and refining nICE mugs in harsh, hot sauna conditions.

    Need to provide you with a steller finished product, worthy of your company logo embedded in the ice.

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