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5 things we like most about birch whisks

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Called Vihta or vasta in Finland, Venik in Eastern Europe, Viht in Estonia, whisks in England and America…. they have a lot of different names, yet here are the five things we like most about them:

1. Functional

Some like them a little shorter for control, others a little longer for self whipping around the back. But whatever the length, whisks help stimulate blood flow, flush skin pores, and help restore natural oils into the skin. You feel great after a whisk treatment. Functional ahhh.

2. Natural

Like good ice for skating on a frozen lake, or leaves blowing across the sidewalk on Halloween, whisking season is a short season. We mark early summer by making whisks and enjoying long daylight hours well into evening. Lake plunges in light after birch whisking. The best whisks are made from new growth birch outcroppings. How wonderful to bring nature into our saunas with freshly cut whisks. A natural mystic, floating through the air.

3. Easy

Making whisks are no big deal. Just cut a bundle of small branches and tie them together. Like sauna itself, few rules with making birch whisks.

4. Universal

Whether in the Nordic Countries, Eastern Europe or North America, the smell of a birch whisk is the same. Like good heat, whisks are egalitarian and know no borders.

5. Free

Nature gives to us in so many ways. No login or password issues with making and enjoying whisks. The best things in life are free and so are whisks for sauna.

There are many things we love about sauna. And unlike Netflix or co-payments on our health care plans, once we build our saunas, the cost is pretty much over. And once we invest 5 minutes to make a birch whisk, the enjoyment is just beginning.

Want to make your own birch venik, vihta, viht, whisks? Click here for an easy tutorial. Warning: subject in photos is younger than he now appears.

BONUS: Click here for a venik testimonial. And click here for Billy’s care and storage advice.

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