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New to sauna? These 6 steps will help you enjoy the experience

For those of us that have been enjoying sauna for a long time, we are often asked about tips and methods for “how to sauna.”

As we know, one of the many great things about sauna is that we prescribe to very few rules and dictations. For many of us, sauna timers are worthless, and we find great solstice in being in the moment, eternally even, whether on the bench or during cool down in the garden all misty wet with rain.

In collaboration with Lewis from regener8saunas.com in the UK, we are pleased to share these:

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1 thought on “New to sauna? These 6 steps will help you enjoy the experience”

  1. We sauna 6 days a week , We jump in our pool year around after sauna , summer and winter in Oregon . Being a proud Finn and originally from northern Minnesota saunas have been part of my families life for generations. Enjoy ,,, be safe in these crazy times !

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