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A sauna detailed by the minutes.

light steam graphic

DSC_3527Today, is a sauna that is typical of many saunas.

  • 3:25 pm – light wood burning sauna.  Get a good flame going.
  • 3:30 pm – set damper to about 70% open.  Go for a 50 year old lame attempt at a 3 mile run.
  • 4:00 pm – return from lame ass run, toss another log on sauna.  130 degrees f. and climbing.
  • 4:05 pm – change into Troxers, grab a liter of drinking water, set a music playlist, enter sauna.  Bring damper down to about 15% open.  140 degress f. and climbing.  Wet hair down.
  • 4:18 ish – finish round 1, 155 f and climbing.
  • 4:32 ish – re-enter hot room after a nICE cool down in the misty garden all wet with rain.  160-165 f and steady.

Take a couple more rounds, losing all track of time and retentiveness.  Re enter real life around 6 pm.  Clean, cleansed, recharged, reset, restored, and a few more great attributes this author can’t remember right now because it is now 3:10 pm and I can’t wait to get going!

Sauna: few rules, and minimal need for a clock or sand timer on the wall.



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3 thoughts on “A sauna detailed by the minutes.”

  1. When you say damper, are you talking about the vent on the kuuma or a damper in the stove pipe. I’ve recently installed my Kuuma and really like it. Although I am not getting up to temp that fast. I’m just learning the stove and am getting better but I am open for advice on how to use it more efficiently.

  2. I used to install dampers in the stove pipe. I don’t anymore. I find it redundant to the damper on the Kuuma sauna stove. I’m benefitting from being able to start my saunas and burn a bunch of cedar scrap from a recent sauna build. This helps get the heat chamber hot super fast, and jump starts the heating of stove and sauna rocks.

    The time heating up a sauna stove, for me, is best complemented with a little work out gig, or chopping some wood, or popping out a few nICE mugs. Anything to help enjoy the journey and the destination.

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