Are you benefiting from the clean rinse after every sauna round?

A Clean Rinse after EVERY round:

  1. Flushes out open pores on your skin – ridding toxins, sweat, dirt.
  2. Contracts muscles, mind, body – accentuating the benefits explained in the rubber band theory.
  3. Stimulates euphoria – endorphin rush akin to intense exercise (yoga, running, biking).

BONUS:  A three round, three clean rinse sauna:  no post sauna shower needed, no soap, no messing around in front of a mirror, just a refreshed post sauna glow.

A clean rinse after EVERY round:

  1. At a lake cottage or cabin? Jump in the lake.
  2. At a backyard sauna? Stand under an outdoor shower or cold water bucket dunk.
  3. At an Indoor, health club or hotel sauna? Find the cold lever on the shower handle.

Like it says on the laundry detergent box:  Heat up, cold rinse, repeat.

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