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Bake and breathe: the best way to keep our saunas dry, germ free, and clean

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Many authentic sauna enthusiasts know how to keep their saunas dry, germ free, and clean.

And the method is super easy, requires no cleaning or scrubbing.

Authentic sauna enthusiasts practice the “bake and breathe” method, in Finnish: “leipoa ja hengittää”).

What is the bake and breathe method for keeping our saunas dry, germ free, and clean?


When we are done with a sauna session, we make sure we still have some good heat in our sauna stoves.  Then we exit our hot room and leave the door closed for the night.

Why?  A hot sauna will dry out our saunas after a sauna session.  Germs can’t live in this heat.  This is BAKE.


Next morning, authentic sauna enthusiasts will return to their saunas and prop open the hot room door until their next sauna session.

Why? An open sauna hot room door will air out our saunas between sauna sessions.  This is BREATHE.

Bake and breathe: the best way to keep our saunas dry, germ free, and clean.

A lively open hot room: sauna door, candle window and all cedar tongue and groove.
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