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Between sauna rounds: are you jackrabbiting or benefiting from the complete cool down?

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With steam billowing off our bodies, JP, 612 Sauna Society, and Scott Pollock, American Swedish Institute, and I were discussing the virtues of completely cooling down our bodies between sauna rounds.

“It’s no wonder why some people don’t like sauna.  I feel bad for the people who go from the hot room, to outside, then right back in.  Back and forth.  Jackrabbing their sauna rounds.”

JP is right.  Microbursts may work for two guys who built a $120mm company, but for most of us,  our bodies become confused and it is easy to feel dizzy with many short sauna rounds.

From the tundra in Alaska, to the Northern reaches of Scandinavia, enclaves of sauna enthusiasts all over understand how awesome it feels to exit the hot room when “the idea of a cold lake plunge is about the best idea you’ve ever heard.”  Then, enjoying the complete cool down, in the garden all misty wet with rain, until our body core is completely cooled.  Not just our skin.

When we listen to our core, we tap deep into our physiology.  Want to know what that means?  Listen to Wim Hof here.

Me, Scott, and JP aren’t preaching.

We are smiling between rounds, beer in hand, steam billowing off our bodies.  No rush to re enter the hot room.


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