Between sauna rounds? Go for the clean rinse.

Whether at a health club sauna, hotel sauna, backyard sauna, cabin sauna it’s important to completely cycle your sauna rounds. We have praised the virtues of three sauna rounds, yet a sauna round isn’t complete without a clean rinse and a proper cool down.

Optimally, a clean rinse is achieved via jumping into a cold lake. Yet practically, not every sauna sits by pristine rustic shores with waves lapping and loons calling. So, an outdoor shower hooked up to a garden hose works great, especially as one is not able to temper the cold water. If at a health club or sauna with a proper shower, resist the temptation to reach for the hot water handle.  Cold water is great for your pores, blood flow, and ultimately feels great.

A simple 5 gallon bucket with fresh cold water, and a plastic containers (from a grocery store deli or Chinese restaurant-without the noodles) are all you need for a clean rinse.

As a rule of thumb, cold water rinse as if you were going to towel off and go on a dinner date: get the sweat off and chill out.

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2 thoughts on “Between sauna rounds? Go for the clean rinse.”

  1. There are metaphorical implications to the clean rinse: washing away the stress of the day, toxins. “Do it clean, you know what I mean.”

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