Cabin life and the three boxer rotation

In countries like the United States, where “public” nudity is met with a gasp and scorn, many sauna participants adapt to the culture by wearing bathing suits throughout their sauna sessions.  However, a few but growing number of cabin sauna enthusiasts have found a compromise, and with an unintended benefit to boot:

photo (10)The three boxer rotation:

  1. One pair hangs in the sauna room.
  2. One pair hangs on a dock post.
  3. One pair hangs on one’s waist.

By jumping in the lake in boxer shorts, one is always in close proximity to a dry pair.

THE UNINTENDED BENEFIT:  Diving in, then ringing out a wet pair of boxers may be all that’s needed for a quick wash.  No soap in the lake, just a fresh rinse.  The need to do laundry at the cabin cut by 28%.

EXTRA BONUS:  A sweaty T-shirt can benefit from the same treatment.  After cutting the grass, a run through a wooded trail, or chopping firewood, a sweat soaked T-shirt tossed in the lake encourages one to dive in, retrieve, and rinse it out before it sinks.  The need to do laundry cut by an additional 18%.

Some folks think not having to use an alarm clock is freedom.  Sauna enthusiasts think a pair of boxers gently drying in the breeze is a better wave of freedom.

boxers drying on a dock post

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  1. Gman. Too bad ther wasn’t a product that fits like a boxer short but could be used as a swimming trunk. Do you know of anything?

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