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“I sauna every other day” confessions from a sauna junkie

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Some folks have been taking saunas every day, as part of their wellness regimen (both physical and mental).

Others, during the time of corona, have not been able to sauna for months now (because facilities are closed).

Those of us with our own saunas have the freedom to choose when and how often we sauna

Much like with pizza, alcohol, or almost legal mind altering enhancements, moderation is proven to be the best course of action. And with sauna, for many enthusiasts, there is a sweet spot of every other day for the frequency of enjoying the experience.

A sauna day

From the moment we wake, there’s a buzz in the air, and a bounce in our step. We sauna enthusiasts are like kids anticipating a trip to the theme park or Grandma’s cabin. Our days are benchmarked by when it’s sauna time. (“are we there yet?!”) We may undertake more physical exercise, or work around the yard. We don’t have to worry about a shower or getting clean, as when it’s a sauna day, we know that we will finish our sauna sessions squeaky clean.

Before corona, we may have invited a friend or two for sauna, and be looking forward to the social engagement.

Either alone, with family, or friends, as we step into round one, we are met with that familiar blast of heat, like a warm, welcoming blanket. The first blast of steam and “ahhhhhh” (is there a better word for it?). We are well on our way of the journey to good sauna. We all know what’s next, the cool down, and with it comes a full kaleidoscope of thermal goodness, dopamine, and a chill out in the garden all misty wet with rain.

Time stands still as we are “in the moment.” But at some point we are reminded: “wait, you mean I get to do this all over again?” Of course, and round two is most often even better than round one.

And so it goes. It’s a sauna day.

Post sauna is often met with a good meal (yes, food always tastes better after sauna), and a continuation of the relaxing runway we have created for ourselves for our sauna day.

We tuck ourselves into bed at night with our body still radiating a glow and warmth of satisfaction, a calming endorphin vibration. Our skin cleaner than ever possible with any products available at Walgreens or via free shipping on Amazon. Muscles relaxed, wires untangled in our heads thanks to the mental clarity we achieve from our own time spent with sauna.

A sauna day is a fulfilling day of goodness.

Not a sauna day

Often, we awake the morning after sauna as if we’ve been drugged. Our eyelids are heavy, and our muscles are very relaxed. We pull ourselves out of a full heavy nights sleep, and shake off the cobwebs to start our day.

Like intermittent fasting, sauna every other day can build mental fortitude. What’s more, there’s a proven physical benefit to as well. (insert Dr. Rhonda Patrick link here). But the empirical fact is that it is liberating to not be addicted to anything. With consistent, regular sauna action, sauna bathers need very little product purchasable at Walgreens. Our bodies are fully cleansed with regular sauna use (and so are our minds). Some regular sauna bathers don’t even bother with shampoo anymore (“and my hair is clean and bouncy without conditioner!”).

The days of “hitting the sauna” for 10 minutes at the health club are an entirely different matter.

Many impassioned sauna enthusiasts allocate a couple hours for their sauna sessions. Many have found great rhythm taking sauna every other day. Especially those that “hit it hard” with multiple hot rounds, deep cold plunges, and 10 plus minute tracks of Fela Kuti on their sauna playlists.

With heavy sauna use, the off day to let the fields lie fallow allow us to reset ourselves and look forward to when we awake the next morning, with a smile:

“it’s a sauna day, yea!”

Sauna, every other day.
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2 thoughts on ““I sauna every other day” confessions from a sauna junkie”

  1. I like my sauna a day regiment. Not sure the relation to that and alcoholism or pizza.

    If you build it they will come. Period. If you like sauna get one or build one. Don’t rely on community centers, ymcas or friends who grew a set and built one or bought one.

    I like my nightly sauna. It’s relaxing, it’s my “thing”. I don’t watch cable television or Netflix.

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