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Is it time for a remote WIFI timer for your electric sauna stove?

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Imagine as snow is falling outside an area brew pub, a well bearded urbanite turns to his pals, enjoying a couple craft brews, and the subject of sauna surfaces. “Should we finish these beers and take a few rounds?” Of course! And with that, Clintmeister pulls out his smart phone and clicks a button or two, et voila! His electric sauna stove kicks into gear.

How? Thanks to this “after market work around.”

EDITORS NOTE: As Clint notes, this is probably not to code and saunatimes nor this affiliate guest post contributor are licensed electricians. This information below is for information purposes only, and we hold no liability or responsibility for the content of this and any “suggestion” herein on

Enter Clint:

The two main things you’ll need are in the links below.  You’ll also need 8 gauge wire, wire nuts, and an extension cord you’re willing to sacrifice. 

Sauna power cord goes into the contactor and then into the panel. Then you hook the male end of the extension cord into the contactor and plug it in. The WEMO plug needs to be plugged into a regular outlet. 

It might not be to code, but it’s 100% safe. Mine was pretty easy to do. You’ll need to figure out a way to keep your sauna always on, because now you’ll be turning it off and on with the WEMO plug. A friend of mine drilled a hole through the knob into the panel and put a screw in it. Worked like a charm. 

It’s a HUGE game changer!

Clint’s Wifi sauna setup for his electric sauna stove
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10 thoughts on “Is it time for a remote WIFI timer for your electric sauna stove?”

  1. Glenn,

    I love the idea. This setup has at least 5+ code violations. One violation looks pretty serious. I love sauna and saving money. Please feel free to contact me.

  2. Author here: since this post gets referenced a lot, I’ll respond to the “code violation” comments. Yes, I’m well aware that this is not to code. My father is an electrician and I grew up doing a lot of wiring with him. The 240V connections are all 8 gauge wire that is more than capable of handling that load. The only thing I would have done differently (and still should) is to 1) use a heavier gauge for the 110V run, and 2) take the time to find the appropriate connectors for the 110 to the 240 contactor. It’s a little doodad that would require some soldering to attach, and I probably should have done it. I’ve had zero issues for a decade, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be an issue at some point. I’ve helped many people set this up and all have said that they’ll never go back to a non-wifi sauna. The convenience is incredible.

  3. Why not use a 240v switch rated to the proper amperage in parallel to the timer instead? That way one could also start/stop locally.

  4. Steffan,

    As a guy who has spent thirty plus years firing up a wood burning sauna stove, I have no problem with an electric sauna stove with manual controls vs. wifi. I like the tactile gig, vs. looking for my cell phone to activate my sauna. This is just me, of course, and i know i’m in minority here!

  5. For the described set up to work, can I use a regular heater, or do you need to use a WIFI compatible heater?

    This below unit requires a Xenio control.

    Harvia KIP60W
    KIP Series 6KW Sauna Heater
    Model: KIP60W
    SKU: JH60W2401
    The Harvia KIP60W electric sauna heater is engineered for home saunas up to 300 cubic feet (CF).

    Requires Xenio control

  6. Thanks Glenn,
    I feel you on the “Tactile Gig”.
    With kids, I have to submit to efficiency over the desired tactile aspect…sometimes.
    You are totally right, the tactile gig is what is slowly fading in the hustle bustle of the digital new world order.

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