Jumping in the snow: why it's good

Why not jump in the snow after a 15-20 minute sauna round?


  • The snow melts on your hot body and makes for a terrific cleansing wash.
  • It gets you breathing and exhilarating like the coolest Hawaiian waterfall plunge.
  • It makes you feel like snow and winter ain’t all that bad of a thing!

Caution: Just as you wouldn’t jump into a lake unless you knew how deep it was, I encourage you to tread lightly into the snow:

  • jumping in fresh snow is preferred.  Older snow crystallizes and can cut soft sauna skin like a knife: very much ouch and an end to a great sauna party.
  • I suggest sitting down in the snow, butt first, then laying back, using your hands to toss some fresh snow on your front.  Akin to making a snow angel.  It’s easier to get up from this position as well.
  • The sit down in the snow method also isn’t such an aggressive immersion.  You can control how much snow and where.

A little snow on your head feels great, especially as it melts down your body.

You stand outside looking at the moon, and as steam billows off you think with a smile: “damn that felt good”, and the cool thing is that you can go do it all again.  As your body equalizes, you grab a beer and without haste, work your way back into the sauna room.

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