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When to leave the hot room? The answer is about the best line I’ve ever heard


“When should I leave the hot room?”


“You should leave the hot room when the idea of jumping into an ice cold lake is about the best idea you’ve ever heard.”


  1. Meditative quality.  The line offers a suggestion for the sauna bather to become more meditative and introspective, always a good thing while sitting in a sauna.
  2. Consciousness.  The line offers an invitation for the sauna bather to look within themselves.  We often look outside for answers to our questions, yet so often in life, the answer lies within, especially as we untangle the wires in our head while sitting in the sauna.
  3. Rubber band theory.  The line offers an understanding that a good long hot round, followed by a cold plunge and long cool down until the body equalizes gives us a much more fulfilling sauna experience.
  4. Nature.  The line gives us an opportunity to open ourselves up to Nature.  Sauna in nature is bigger than all of us.  A sauna in Nature can make us feel like we have died and gone to heaven.
  5. Imagination.  The line may be offered to us in a hotel sauna, or a health club sauna, or an urban backyard sauna.  Yet, offering us to imagine jumping into an ice cold lake is about the best idea i’ve ever heard.

Thanks Clint for such a great line.  I smile every time I think about it, laugh every time I use it, and appreciate it every time I do it.

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