Make your own "vihta" – a bundle of birch branches

I’ve been taking saunas for 20 years and finally have made my own Vihta (a bundle of birch branches to soak in warm water and gently slap against the skin to help stimulate blood flow and opening of the pours on the skin while in sauna).

It took 10 mins, with help from my Finnish friend Ove:

1. locate a birch tree and some new growth

2. cut a few branches 12″ or so in length

3. tie branches together with some twine

4. cut the ends.


5. soak in warm water – in the hot sauna of course.

It was great.  Finns have been doing this for centuries.  After sauna, my skin felt even more fresh and invigorated.  Nokia phones, Finlandia Vodka, and now Vihtas for sauna.  3 great contributions from Finland.

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1 thought on “Make your own "vihta" – a bundle of birch branches”

  1. Since 2010, the number of Nokia phones have decreased, but the number of public saunas have increased.

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