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Sauna rounds: Four is the new three.

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Most sauna enthusiasts, whether standing by the shores of a Scandinavian lake or huddled in a backyard in Minneapolis, have identified with a subtle but powerful reality:  three sauna rounds offer complete fulfillment to a great sauna session.

We have talked before about three sauna rounds. The euphoric sensation of the clean rinse that completes a sauna round.  The cool down being as important to the sauna experience as the heat up.  Relaxing, stretching, breathing fresh air, chilling out.

When a sauna round is complete, especially in winter, and the body core has properly cooled down, there is a childlike rush of excitement reaching for the hot room door handle to start a new round.

With good company, plenty of time, and a swig of ice cold water after a sip of beer, it’s easy to say “yes” to the question “should we do another round?”

“Yes, Tom, four is the new three.”

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2 thoughts on “Sauna rounds: Four is the new three.”

  1. Nice article, Glenn. I started doing 4, or more, rounds after I got a pair of neoprene socks, which makes for a much more leisurely stroll to/from the lake.

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