Sauna Timers Are Worthless

“How long should I stay in the sauna?”

I get this question a lot and here is the answer:

“Until pouring ice cold water over your head is the best idea you’ve ever heard.”

There are far too many factors that negate a specified time, such as:

  1. When you last ate.
  2. Your body weight.
  3. Your level of hydration.
  4. Your individual tolerance of extreme temperatures.

If anything, I would argue that timers can be dangerous, so don’t use them at all. Wait until pouring ice cold water over your head is the best idea you’ve ever heard.

Note: substitute a jump in the lake or a roll in the snow when applicable.


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3 thoughts on “Sauna Timers Are Worthless”

  1. I agree that an hour glass has not much use. I think that in Finland it is in the code to have a timer on an electric sauna kiuas. This is after one too many guys passed out drunk in a sauna and cooked themselves. At least a wood fire would go out automatically.

  2. Q: Would you rather get frozen to death in a meat locker or get stuck in a 200 degree f. sauna?
    A: The sauna. Why? Because you could put out the fire after you’ve taken a good round.

    – Nate, my 12 yo son, yesterday on the upper bench in our sauna on Lake Vermilion, MN, USA.

  3. I wonder how body wieght affects heat tolerance? The winner of several Sauna World Championships, Timo looks like a big boy. I wonder if fat helps to insulate from heat?

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