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Sauna Timers Are Worthless

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“How long should I stay in the sauna?”

I get this question a lot and here is the answer:

“Until pouring ice cold water over your head is the best idea you’ve ever heard.”

There are far too many factors that negate a specified time, such as:

  1. When you last ate.
  2. Your body weight.
  3. Your level of hydration.
  4. Your individual tolerance of extreme temperatures.

If anything, I would argue that timers can be dangerous, so don’t use them at all. Wait until pouring ice cold water over your head is the best idea you’ve ever heard.

Note: substitute a jump in the lake or a roll in the snow when applicable.


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8 thoughts on “Sauna Timers Are Worthless”

  1. I agree that an hour glass has not much use. I think that in Finland it is in the code to have a timer on an electric sauna kiuas. This is after one too many guys passed out drunk in a sauna and cooked themselves. At least a wood fire would go out automatically.

  2. Q: Would you rather get frozen to death in a meat locker or get stuck in a 200 degree f. sauna?
    A: The sauna. Why? Because you could put out the fire after you’ve taken a good round.

    – Nate, my 12 yo son, yesterday on the upper bench in our sauna on Lake Vermilion, MN, USA.

  3. I wonder how body wieght affects heat tolerance? The winner of several Sauna World Championships, Timo looks like a big boy. I wonder if fat helps to insulate from heat?

  4. Hi. I have a question regarding electric haters with built in controls. I am considering a Helo Saaku heater but I have heard that mechanical built in timers can make an annoying audible ticking sound.
    Are there any brands which are quieter or is it not an issue?
    Thanks for your input.

  5. Rob..

    I know.. right? It could be that these mechanical built in timer mechanisms are made in Southeast Asia, and in the same factory as mechanical built in timer mechanisms for toaster ovens. It sure gets in the way of Zen and the art of being in the present moment while on the sauna bench. Maybe others have more experience on this one.

  6. Glenn,

    A bit off the subject with sauna timers here but was wondering if you know of a good thermometer for the hot room?

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