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Sauna tip #18: when there’s a dry eye in the house

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“I love sauna but it dries out my eyes too much.”  Cool dry mountain air and below freezing sunny winter days suck all the moisture out of the air.  A hot Finnish sauna stove blasts back with more bite with water being tossed on sauna rocks.  Yet overall low humidity levels can leave eyes vulnerable to drying out.


  1. Drink Plenty of water. A good rule of thumb is to drink a big glass of water, 20 oz. or so, before your sauna session, and drink plenty during and between rounds.
  2. Wet down before round one. Many folks shower before sauna.  Entering sauna with hair and face wet is a good idea.  BONUS: we find keeping hair wet in sauna keeps hair soft and healthy.
  3. Cover your face with a wet washcloth. This practice is especially popular in rural Finnish towns in Northern Minnesota.
  4. Close your eyes. Whether a solo sauna or sauna party, it’s nice to kick back and close your eyes during a sauna round.  Eyes closed allows for better introspection, relaxation, and immersion into conversation or music in the sauna.  Eyes never dry out.
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