The clean rinse explained after a 360 degree backyard shower

As sauna become more popular,

tips and ideas from sauna enthusiasts come forth like a wave of steam from water being tossed on sauna rocks.  Examples:

  • Three round sauna.  From Espoo, Finland to Minneapolis, MN there is a universal satisfaction to the three round sauna.
  • Close the door!.  Holding open the hot room door for a little chit chat is faux pas on any continent.
  • The clean rinse.  A sauna round is not complete until you’re totally rinsed off.  With cold water.

The clean rinse at the cabin or cottage (mökki in Finland) is a simple jump off the dock after exiting the sauna hot room.  For the growing ranks of Urban Backyard Retreat sauna enthusiasts, the clean rinse is enjoyed thanks to a simple outdoor shower set up.  The backyard shower is hooked up to a garden hose.  No need for tempering cold water from the outdoor faucet.  The outdoor backyard shower replicates the cool lake plunge.

Why is the clean rinse so important?

The cool down.A complete sauna hot round is great for the skin.  In the sauna, the body becomes hot, sweaty, and the skin pours are open.  Exiting the sauna, it is significantly beneficial to douse with cold water.  Cold water helps flush the pours, clean the skin, and then helps to close the pours.  Cold water is also significant in that it helps blood flow and circulation.  Maybe this helps blood pressure too?

Treat every sauna round like it’s your last round.

A cold shower may initially leave one nonplussed.  The mind is not trained to accept a douse of icy cold water.  But a sauna enthusiast listens to the core of their body, not their skin.  Standing under a backyard shower, there is fulfillment with The Tucker 360 Degree Spin.  The 360 degree shower ensures a complete clean rinse.  No more sweat.  Body cleansed.  But then something else happens.  No matter how windy outside, or how cold the spring rain, , sometimes it’s nice to dry off, other times it’s nice to let the cool breeze dry the body.

This is when euphoria sets in.

You can do anything.  You can reach for a towel.  Reach for a beer.  Relax.  Think.  Don’t think.  Talk.  Don’t talk.

The body is warm.  The body is clean.  The mind is fresh.  The world slows down.  Time becomes irrelevant.  This is what it’s like to be human again.

Don’t rush to go back in the hot room.  Chill out for a little while.

Embrace the clean rinse.  Welcome to the euphoria of authentic sauna.

Outside my backyard sauna with outdoor shower and a misty garden all wet with rain.
Outside my backyard sauna with outdoor shower and a misty garden all wet with rain.

Further reading:  This Old House instructions on how to install a freeze proof faucet.  Click here.

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  1. I don’t have a sauna yet but I have been enjoying the benefits of the cold plunge before I was even aware of the term for well over a year. A hot shower then a quick exit to the privacy of my yard. I splash myself with fresh water from the rain barrel during the warmer months. 365 days a year, every day I experience the natural world to wake up and appreciate life. I asked myself over and over, why I am doing this?, then I discovered Sauna Talk to understand I was not losing my mind, I was becoming normal.

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