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The three most important rules to being a good sauna host

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If you are running a brick & mortar or mobile sauna business, a sauna coop, or your own personal backyard sauna retreat, there are only three important rules for being a good sauna host:

RULE #1.  Keep the sauna hot. 

People go to the sauna bench to sweat. Let them wear their spring jacket when they go to a baseball game.

RULE #2.  Keep the sauna hot.  

Each time the hot room door opens and closes, the hot room loses heat.  We need to stay ahead of this. 

RULE #3. Keep the sauna hot. 

Consider that each person sitting on the sauna bench is a relative ice cube, 100 degrees cooler than the sauna that you should be keeping hot. 

If you are hosting a sauna and your hot room is too hot for someone, they can go sit on the low bench, where it is less hot.  It’s ok to be a low bench Larry.  

Any other rules to sauna hosting are way down the list to these 3.

  • Some yahoo talking too much? Encourage Marty’s Law of Reverse cycling.
  • No water in the sauna bucket?  Fill it up.
  • Changing room has shoes and shit all over the place?  Kick them aside. 

As long as your sauna is hot, you are a being a good sauna host.  Stay out of the way and let them sweat.

Your job is to keep the sauna hot.

Good heat is all that really matters. 

Members of the British Sauna Society and Sauna Sherpa celebrating good heat after a sauna round at Lonna Sauna, Helsinki, Finland
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