a nICE mug between sauna rounds.

When bringing beverages to your next sauna party should it be in cans or glass?

  • Always, ALWAYS bring beverages in can containers to sauna gatherings.
  • Never, NEVER bring beverages in glass containers to sauna gatherings.

Same with boats.  Same on the dock.

It only takes one yahoo to knock over a glass bottle and smash.  And glass fragments end up everywhere, including embedded in bare feet.

Serious and immediate buzz kill to an awesome sauna party.


Transfer beverage of choice into a glass made entirely out of ice, and now you’ve got somethin’! (Especially after jumping through a hole in the ice).

Jouko (left) and Risto chilling out between Sauna Talk podcast
Wim Hof drinking out of nICE mug, a glass made entirely out of ice, after ice bath.
a nICE mug between sauna rounds.

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  1. With all of the types, styles, of beverage containers on the market, there’s no reason to use a glass container any where you choose to have a frosty cold beer.

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