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10 reasons why authentic Finnish saunas are becoming more popular

Like yoga, spin class, and Bob Dylan:

  1. Authenticity wins over a latest craze.
  2. We need a break from a mobile device, whether we realize it yet or not.
  3. Driving: we all need to get away from insanity behind the wheel.
  4. We love nature and will work hard to try to find it, even if it’s just looking up at the moon between sauna rounds.
  5. Our parents took 2 week vacations, we strive to fit in two hours.
  6. Beyond having a “Euro cool factor”, saunas outweigh hot tubs.
  7. We will ‘staycation’ more and strive for simple, authentic ways to escape.
  8. Rising property taxes force us to think about how we can better use our entire lots.
  9. Like enjoying a good cup of coffee, we will seek out quality: authentic saunas will win out over health club saunas or infrared light bulb closets.
  10. We will recognize that our best investment is in our health, tapping into the benefits of an authentic Finnish sauna
Wisdom Woods sauna hot room

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