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A good time to take a solo sauna (and the good that comes from it)

For some, it’s a long bike ride or maybe a hike in the woods.  Whatever it is, Cal Newport discusses the importance of focusing without distractions in his new book  “Deep Work.”


For us, a key for focused success in a distracted world is a 3-4 round sauna session.  We are:

  • Alone with our thoughts with
  • No demands or expectations and
  • Able to get into “flow state” thinking, while
  • Living in the present moment

Free thinking on the sauna bench is where obstacles become blessings in disguise, as they allow us to think more creatively.

THEN: The ideas start flowing and it’s nICE to have a pencil and paper to scribble them down.

THEN:  After a solo sauna session, it’s a good idea to leave our lists on our desks overnight, so they percolate without acidity, like cold press coffee.

THEN: We revisit our lists in the morning.  Some of the ideas and actions will be too “out there.”  But we understand that we are all crazy.  We focus only on the ideas worth doing.  And we do them!  After all, we only live once (more than once if Buddhist or if talking about our cat).

We remember these two things: solo saunas are meant to be, and solo saunas help untangle the wires in our heads.

"to do" list of ideas jotted down during a solo sauna session (many end up being lame)
“to do” list of ideas jotted down during a solo sauna session (some end up being lame, but the odds don’t matter).


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