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Are you a pioneer to the authentic?

I just figured something out.  I have helped hundreds of people build their own saunas.  Through this, I have connected with some really cool people.  Awesome folks with a DIY spirit who can sift through bullshit and have a clear understanding of what is authentic and what is not.

Authentic saunas are really quite simple.  Elements include:

  • An authentic kick ass sauna stove (wood burning! but that’s another story).
  • The right size hot room so as to provide the right kind of heat.
  • Well insulated and well built.
  • The right kind of wood interior so you won’t burn your ass or have it smell like an Ikea dresser.
  • Feng shui, with the use of spell check.
  • Custom elements that allow the sauna owner to feel the satisfaction of doing something for themselves that matters.

As we step out our backdoors and work our way down to our AUTHENTIC saunas, we can all take a deep breath and applaud our ability to understand and appreciate authenticity.  This is a virtue.  As others may push their carts down the aisles at Target looking for their next high, we settle into round one on our sauna benches with a true appreciation of the awesomeness of an authentic sauna.

No sell out.

The real deal.

We need more of these kind of people in other aspects of our lives.  Authenticity will win the day.  Infrared light bulb closets, and then lame ass health club saunas are here for a purpose.  They present a door of understanding to what a sauna is, and what sauna is not.  Today, another person has a clear understanding of what an AUTHENTIC sauna is.  And I am happy.  The rising sauna tide is lifting boats all over, and we can all applaud the movement towards living better lives.  The light is shining.

Lake Sunset captured between sauna rounds

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