Deer stands of yesterday

a simple deer stand representative of an old school authentic sauna

One doesn’t have to be a deer hunter to remember simple days of past. A deer stand? Nothing more than three boards nailed to a couple trees. An easy perch. Simple and functional.

a simple deer stand representative of an old school authentic sauna

Lake cabins used to be a couple rooms, hand framed, with a porch in the front and an outhouse in the back. Our simple cabin gave us all the shelter we needed. Accompanied by a warm candlelight glow in the evening, we tell stories and laugh with family and friends, playing cribbage with a cozy blanket and a little homemade blueberry pie.

Today, people’s ideas of deer stands and cabins have changed. They are now built bigger and outrageously more elaborate.

When did we become such materialistic softies?

Let’s not let our saunas fall down the slippery slope of gadgetry, square foot fever, and overbuilt opulence.

A perfectly size sauna hot room is no more than 50 square feet. For a cabin sauna, yes, an adjacent changing room can also function as a office or a guest room, but it doesn’t have to be big or fancy. For a backyard sauna, an 8×12 structure is an ample size, containing both hot room and changing room.

Other people overbuild, have square foot fever, and are never satisfied. Not us. We don’t trick out our saunas. People love our saunas. They remind us of simpler times past. Our saunas are beautifully functional, welcoming spaces. Sparse and uncluttered. Shelves for a few towels and a few hooks for our clothes. And we often prefer to use candles to light our changing rooms, not because we are nostalgic snobs, but because we recognize the beauty and timelessness of candlelight.

We hold the line.

An authentic sauna, like a cozy cabin or a simple deer stand, feels right to us because it is.

8x12 authentic backyard sauna.
8×12 authentic backyard sauna.

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3 thoughts on “Deer stands of yesterday”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with the square footage fever statements. A cabin doesn’t need a private suite for each kid and the 8×12 sauna? Damn near perfect. Another enjoyable post, Glenn.

  2. I would add cubic foot fever to the list: low ceilings in the sauna room will make life much easier and the heat more effective.

  3. Agreed Arnie.. and at the risk of controversy, i’m wondering if cubic foot fever is more of an American phenomenon. Big Cars, big houses, big cheeseburgers…

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