Is an infrared light bulb closet any different than goat yoga or a tanning bed?

We are funny people here in the USA.

We purchase free range organic eggs in plastic cartons.

We take yoga, a centuries old wellness practice, and bring in goats (and package the franchise for Shark Tank).

We encourage indoor tanning beds, and disregard medical research associating tanning bed use to melanoma, the deadliest version of cancer.

Is it any wonder why we authentic sauna enthusiasts are chagrined to see “sauna” being packaged, bastardized, exploited as an infrared light bulb closet?

infrared hucksters at a trade show in Vegas

I hope we are careful about what we are claiming, what we are promoting and selling, and where we are going.


Here in the USA, as people debate on how to pronounce the word “sauna”, we are on the cusp of losing its meaning.

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6 thoughts on “Is an infrared light bulb closet any different than goat yoga or a tanning bed?”

  1. Hmmm… Just about covers everything! Well, I have to much time and effort in my traditional wood fired sauna to switch now… I will keep it. 🙂

  2. With a good sales pitch and hook you can sell refrigerators to eskimos. Gullible American eskimos that is.

  3. I do have a couple of infrared heat bulbs in recessed ceiling fixtures in my basement bathroom. They do help to warm the room and feel good after my morning shower. Meanwhile; the cat basks on the vanity.

  4. Glenn, thanks for the insights on infrared. I have a visceral and adverse reaction when I read about it!

    I have a question, unrelated: My proposed sauna site is in a room that slopes about 1/16″ per foot. The sauna door would be placed on the slope, so it will slope 1/8″ over 2 feet, if installed on the slope. My question: should I install the door to true vertical or on the slope, as it is only 1/8″? The baseboard trim on the outside of the sauna also has the slope issue. Should I mount it true horizontal??? Any other suggestions for this scenario? Thanks!!

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