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On the edge of the box

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Mahmoud Ahmed Lala link.

What does this song have to do about saunas?  Seemingly nothing.  Mahmoud Ahmed is a 60 year old Ethiopian singer who, i’d bet my house, has never taken a sauna.  Yet his music fits nicely with the sauna experience.. melodic, passive yet steady simple base line, and a rolling voice with horn interludes.

But this is one of the things that makes life worth living.  Navigating, as Seth Godin describes, out on the edges of the box.  On the edge, where you can think freely vs. being pushed around like sheep. Just within the boundaries, vs. out there lost in the wilderness.  The other nice thing about living out on the edge of the box is being able to jump easily to edges of other boxes.

Jessica Hagy illustrates this another way, in her work with graphs and Venn diagrams Indexed.  Not so much a book, but a simple page by page collection.

So, this is life: not a book, but a page by page collection.

  • A = Ethiopian music.
  • B = Sauna.
  • A union B = Listening to Mahmoud Ahmed in the sauna on a zero degree Minnesota day.

Too many people troll around unchallenged, right in the middle of their own box – same couch, same TV shows, same friends, same downloads on their Ipod.  Push yourself outward, on the edge, and start looking at other edges.  How do you get to your edge?

Me: the mobile sauna.

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