Perfect weather for a sauna

Saunas are most popular in Scandinavia, Seattle, Minnesota.

Is it the chicken or the egg?  Are Scandinavians predisposed to sauna or did the Scandinavian climate, over centuries, create the ingenuity to burn fire in a room and warm up?

In this case, 40 degrees, cold wet rain, the kind of day where those less adventurous say “I’m going to go curl up on the couch with a good book” as a way to go meekly inside and hide.  This is the same day when those with a backyard sauna get excited and fire up their wood burning sauna stove and embrace what nature throws at us.

Between rounds, sitting outside with the birds and the rain dancing off the trees the only word is “ahhhhhhhhh” perfect!

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2 thoughts on “Perfect weather for a sauna”

  1. Almost every Sunday for the past seven years, I email sauna invites to “the sauna tribe” with weather forecast and “perfect weather for a sauna”.

    If it’s 100 degrees out, you come out of sauna and remark that 100 isn’t all that hot (as long as there’s cold water). And the rest of the day is more bearable. Minus 20 with blowing snow? – cool! Although the last 20 of the 70 yards back to the house can be a bit of a slog. Thirty three with freezing rain? – absolute bliss! The latter used to be a source of fear in me – probably the most miserable and dangerous weather in the woods if you get soaked. But after a sauna, it is the best.

    I don’t know of a more effective way to change your relationship with the weather.

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