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Sauna: cumulative action or linear focus?

Are you the kind of person who does better with cumulative action or linear focus?

Examples of cumulative action:

  • “We’re going to the Wild hockey game, then I’ll meet you guys for a drink after before I go to First Avenue to see The Hold Steady.  They’re on at 11:30.”
  • “Ok, we’re booked for Akumal for family vacation.  I’m not sure when I’ll get the chance again, so I’m going to fly from Cancun to Cuba for a few days after.  I’ll check to see if Ibrahim Ferrer is playing.

Examples of linear focus:

  • “Let’s go see that new Julianne Moore movie.”
  • “I’m going to have lunch with Kirsten Tuesday.”

Cumulative action is the process whereby partaking in one event becomes a catalyst or opportunity to add another event, or multiple events, to the existing primary event.  Linear focus is the process of focusing on one event as a stand alone action, so the event involves no other activity.

So, are you more into cumulative action or linear focus?

There is no right answer.   One is not better than the other.

So, what does all this rambling have to do with sauna?

Well, often times, those into cumulative action surrender this tendency when it comes to sauna.  An authentic sauna session- 3 distinct rounds, spread out with complete cool down sessions while living “in the now” – are enough.  A stand alone activity.  So, sauna is surely a linear focus, right?


The process of sauna, actually IS cumulative action.

Sauna is not just sweating in a hot room.  Multiple activities make up the sauna experience.  There’s the heat up, there’s the clean rinse, there’s the cool down.  There is the social aspect, the physical and mental expansion.  There is so much to sauna, that it is a cumulative action of many things: multiple activities make up the sauna experience.

WARNING: If you are sitting in an infrared light bulb closet, you will never be able to experience the euphoric satisfaction of cumulative sauna action.

DON’T FEEL BAD:  Health club saunas and Infrared light bulb closets are gateway drugs to the AUTHENTIC sauna experience.  Our team of dedicated enthusiasts are here to help you.

Come join us.  You are not alone.

Superior Sauna Sunset

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1 thought on “Sauna: cumulative action or linear focus?”

  1. I enjoyed this post because I’m cumulative and my wife is linear. I’ll try to string together several activities in a night out–dinner, drinks, game, live music–each involving different groups of people or blended groups. Even though she has never identified my actions as cumulative, it drives my wife nuts and makes for interesting conversations in our house. Good stuff, Glenn! Keep it coming.

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