Sauna helps with ADD, ADHD, and hyperactivity

As recent as a generation or two ago, we never had labels like these

ADD, ADHD could be punched out on a manual typewriter, but that was about it.  Today, we don’t just have labels, but we have the medical industry welcoming these “diseases” with open arms, pens in hand. Doctors sign their names to prescriptions like Oprah Winfrey at a book signing.  We have become marvelous at labels, treating symptoms, and the self fulfilling prophesies.  But here’s the secret:

We all have ADD

We all have ADD not because something is wrong with us, but because we have too much to try to remember.

When released from 40 years at Shawshank Prison, Brooks wrote: “The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry.”  Thanks to our mobile devices, this pretty much sums up the rapid distractions happening all around us.

  • We don’t sit at a traffic light without secretly checking our phones.
  • We don’t go for a walk in the woods without our Ibuds plugged in.
  • We don’t take a dump without thumbing through our inbox.
    On nature’s bright green shady path
    On nature’s bright green shady path

Sauna makes us real

We build saunas with foil bubble wrap.  The unintended benefit is that it keeps cell phones from working, at least in the hot room.  We are able to disconnect and get real.  When we do this, we find that we aren’t as messed up as our calendar and inbox says we are.  We take a deep breath and be here now.

Like intensely wonderful steam from water being tossed on sauna rocks, stoicism comes waifing in.

Rave on down through the industrial revolution
Empiricism, atomic and nuclear age

Rave on, fill the senses
On nature’s bright green shady path


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4 thoughts on “Sauna helps with ADD, ADHD, and hyperactivity”

  1. You might be right, however the real reason for feeling well after Sauna might be that Sauna is mimicking Sun’s infrared waves, which in turn do their magic and run biochemical reactions inside us. Maybe you coud even do some more research and create updated /scientific article about this?

    At least if you believe Dr. Gerald Pollack and his research (Water, Cells, and Life)
    (google youtube tedtalk video with that name, 15 mins of really eye opening material)

    Persons with ADHD might suffer from mitochondrial dysfunction, and Sauna might help with that.

    Another thing that might help with ADHD is strict LCHF diet, because of the way fasting/ketosis affects our mitochondria. It has helped me get better, of course it is not a total cure and needs tremendous mental energy to clean all unhealthy carbs from kitchen and not buy any when doing shopping. I still fail with that sometimes but carry on after failure again. LCHF needs lots of green veggies to get fibers – broccoli, spinach, asparagus, sallads, cucumber. This is the usual misconception that you should only eat fatty beefs, you _need_ to complement that with lots of healthy vegs to keep digestive system working. LCHF comes from the fact that the vegs you eat have Low Carbs, and the rest (beef etc) have High Fat Moderate Protein No Carbs, and add fat when cooking the vegs and meat if it doesn’t have sufficient amount to fulfill your energy needs (I recommend to utilize nutrient tables online and do some calculations and have intelligent scale to give body composition and daily calorie count).

    Sorry for partially hijacking the topic for LCHF rambling. Just my 5 cents, hope this helps someone suffering from the same illness. Maybe I’ll stop hyperfocusing on web surfing and and troddle off-line to get my Sauna warm.

  2. I hear you. The mitochondrial dysfunction is definitely aligned with this issue. I defer to http://www.saunaresearchcenter.com for engagement with someone in white lab coat (and with qualified letters after their last name, including MD) who is enthusiastic and willing to commit to further research in this matter, as here in Minneapolis, MN, we now have very good, quality mobile saunas in which to deploy for a qualified wellness study (and protocols).

    Also, As Dr. Jari Laukkanen points out in our Sauna Talk episode, the three keys to a good life are simply:
    1. Diet
    2. Exercise
    3. Sauna

    I believe this. (And #3 is good sauna. They don’t have to say “good sauna” or “authentic sauna” in Finland, yet unfortunately, in other parts of the World, hucksters have hitched their wagons to the word “sauna” and have applied it to their marginalized, inexpensive, Mc versions of sweat bathing, and that’s something I’m happy to help distill and rant and rave about).

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