Sauna is about living in the now.

Many are familiar with Eckart Tolle’s book The Power of Now. Mason Jennings sure is.

Living in the moment, being present in the “now” is philosophy well suited for the sauna experience:

In the hot room:

  • Enjoying the hot room experience.
  • Loyly: steam created from water being tossed on sauna rocks.
  • The endorphin rush of sweat.

And then the cool down:

  • The invigorating feel of a cold water plunge.
  • That calming state of equilibrium sitting outside between rounds.
  • Fresh air.

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1 thought on “Sauna is about living in the now.”

  1. Saunas are a great place to relax, unwind and reflect on the world around you. With nearly three decades fulfilling family’s sauna needs we love to see someone speaking of their sauna experience so beautifully.

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