Sauna is fertile ground for fostering intentions

We sauna enthusiasts appreciate the solo sauna.

Voices in our heads

When we sauna alone, we understand that we cannot shut off the voice in our head.

We can try to control the voice, or steer it in a different direction, but ultimately the voice in our head wins.

On the sauna bench, we don’t necessarily get away from things that may be bothering us. However, by listening to the voice in our heads, we find ourselves able to untangle the wires in our heads.

Reveal a sauna secret

Because we feel so great in the sauna, and then produce endorphins and adrenaline through our cold plunges and cool downs, we can’t help but feel more positive about our situation. Doors open, solutions reveal, positive intentions appear.


By fostering an environment for positive thinking, we can start to visualize solutions, or intentions to resolve what was bothering us (before round one). With only a quiet, calm focus, we are able to hear what the voice in our head is actually saying. Then, because we feel so good, we are able to imagine what solutions look like. The intention.

  • Try to create a positive intention while stuck in traffic? Pretty difficult.
  • Try to create a positive intention while drinking your favorite beverage, with steam billowing, breathing deep between sauna rounds? Much easier.

Sauna is fertile ground for creating positive intentions. This is the secret of the solo sauna.

Untangling the wires with a solo sauna (and a notepad).

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