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Sauna talk: what it is and why it’s good

Sauna talk is a different kind of talk

  • It is casual talk between a father and his teenage son.
  • It is reconnection talk with a friend you wish you could see more frequently.
  • It is collaboration talk amongst NHL hockey players or business partners working through a strategy.

Sauna talk happens because we have no distractions and we are relaxed in mind, body, and spirit.  The endorphin rush – like after a good workout – gives one a positive feeling, a natural high and clarity.  In this environment, problems or constraints becomes blessings in disguise because they foster opportunities for new ideas and solutions.

Sauna talk can get crazy

Sauna talk can foster “out there” thinking, like building a mobile sauna or making a drinking glass out of ice.

But we need more of these kinds of things.

We need more sauna talk.

Sauna talk on the bench (with beers sitting in the snow bucket).

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4 thoughts on “Sauna talk: what it is and why it’s good”

  1. I love this. Just one thing, many sauna lovers are girls.

    I’ve learned most of my family history in sauna.

    And saunaing had been good for my self image. Seeing real women’s bodies in sauna makes me more comfortable in my own.

  2. I am building a small travel trailer sauna and want to have that stove with the water jacket for it. How do I order one? Where is the wood stove shop located in states?

  3. Pearl: sauna stoves are made in Tower, MN by Lamppa Mfr. Tylo/Helo Cokato MN imports sauna stoves from Sweden and Finland, respectively.

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