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Taking sauna, making pizza, and applying glue: less is more.

SwedishSaunaEssentails_Main_480x340-480x340During the sauna experience, some folks feel the need for:

  • more temperature
  • more rounds
  • longer time in hot room.

Despite it being potentially unsafe, “pushing it” usually leads to overdoing it.  Less is more with sauna.

tumblr_lfmpmyZKam1qgbo68o1_400When making a wood fired pizza, the tendency may be towards:

  • A bigger pizza
  • More toppings
  • More ingredients.

This makes for a hearty pizza, yet smaller pizzas, topped lightly, make for a more satisfying pizza.  Less is more with pizza making.

wisdom adhesives hot meltWhen using hot melt in box packing application, using less glue generally provides:

  • Better adhesion
  • Economizing
  • Quicker set up time.

Where else in your life can less be more?

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